Links to videos and articles related to media and race:

Jamie Foxx Oscar® Speech – In the introduction to African American’s in Television I refer to Jamie Foxx’s 2005 speech where he recalled what Sidney Poitier told him when they first met.

Sidney Poitier 2002 Speech for Honorary Oscar®One of the most beautiful speeches in television history. In it Poitier reminds us of the world he faced when he arrived in Hollywood.

30 Rock Takes on Diversity on Television – On October 7th 2010 NBC’s 30 Rock episode Let’s Stay Together took on some of the issues raised in African Americans in Television. The episode is no longer on Hulu (unless you have Hulu Plus.) So we will have to wait for repeat season or the DVD.

In Hollywood, An Urban Legend Worth A Fact-Check – Fascinating audio essay by author/journalist/filmmaker Donnell Alexander exploring the “shockingly low number of African Americans in the movie business.

Article on journalist Carole Simpon’s new book News Lady – The longtime ABC news anchor has written a book on the the television news business and the racism and sexism that she faced.

Paris Barclay: A TV Insider With An Outsider Instinct – NPR story on television producer and director. Barclay has worked on shows such as NYPD Blue, CSI, Glee, and In Treatment.

Game on: More Real Than Reality TV New York Times article on the return of The Game, this time on BET. The article covers some of the issues surrounding the lack of African American centered shows on television.

Oscar Nominations An All-White Affair – Diversity in mainstream Hollywood films is getting worse. Why? One of the issues I found in my book: no African Americans who can green-light a project.

Now Write! Screenwriting Exercises for Today’s Best Writers and TeachersNew book worth checking out.

LAWEBFEST – The world’s first festival dedicated to web series.

NPR Story on Muslim-American Screenwriting Workshop – Interesting story on writers trying to change media images.